When you want something done, ask a busy person. I am that person. Once committed to doing something, I get it done. No excuses, just good old fashioned hard work and innovation.

My first priority and highest accomplishment is my family. A resident of West Virginia for over 40 years, married to my husband Jack of 33 years, I am a mother of three biological children, 30 [pursuing her Ph.D. in UMass Amherst], 28 [an Anesthesiologist in his residency at WVU Hospitals], and 23 [Summa Cum Laude Masters in Data Analytics and Fraud Investigation at WVU, a recent Candidate challenging the minority whip in the 2022 election and now a Medicare Analyst with the WV Attorney General's office] -- However, I consider myself a mother of 7 children, having hosted 4 foreign exchange students from Germany, China and the Czech Republic during their high school years.

Politically speaking, I have served on the Ohio County Republican Executive Committee beginning in 2005 and became Chair of the local party from early 2009 through the end of the 2012 Election. I was a member of the Republican Women of Northern Panhandle West Virginia, served on the State of West Virginia Republican Executive Committee for 1st Senatorial District from 2006 until the present, was an alternate Delegate for the 2008 Republican National Convention, and vetted as a Delegate for Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 Presidential Campaign, and an alternate delegate for the 2020 Presidential Campaign for Donald Trump. I have participated and assisted in numerous Local, State, and Federal Elections. In 2014, I was again elected as Chair of the Ohio County Republican Committee where I served until 2022 when I was elected State Chair for the WVGOP. As WVGOP chair, our team professionalized the organization, retired all debt, and most importantly RETIRED JOE MANCHIN!

My days begin at 4am and end around 10pm and not a minute is wasted. I believe that time management is the key to efficiency and my motto is Let's Make it Happen!

Professionally speaking, I run a full time law practice as a solo practitioner having practiced law for thirty (30) years in both Ohio and West Virginia. In 2022, I took and passed the Virginia Bar and expanded my practice to the State of Virginia as well. I began my legal career as a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of West Virginia, working there for five (5) years prosecuting federal crime including narcotics and fraud. I served as the Ethics Officer under William Kolibash, former U.S. Attorney. While there, I designed and implemented the first Victim Witness Assistance Program.

After leaving the United States Attorney's Office, I joined the local law firm of Phillips, Gardill, Kaiser and Altmeyer, where I expanded my legal career by participating in corporate litigation matters. In 1997, I formed a partnership with Ronald Musser and stayed in the partnership until 2001, when I opened my own firm known as McArdle Law Office which has operated continually since then. McArdle Law Office is a general litigation practice focusing on family law issues state and federal criminal defense, as well as corporate litigation with a client base of approximately 100 clients.

In my thirty+ years of practice, I have been involved in numerous appellate court cases in the West Virginia Courts of Appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court, the Seventh District Court of Appeals in Ohio, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals. In the course of my appellate work, approximately 30 of the cases I appealed resulted in published opinions, some of which include cases creating legal precedent in West Virginia, to wit:
• Established leading case in relocation in West Virginia Supreme Court, Storrie v. Simmons, 225 W. Va. 317 (2010)
• Established leading case in relocation in West Virginia Intermediate Court, Katherine A. v. Jerry A., Case No. 22-ICA-52
• Judgment vacated in a companion case to 20-1410 Xiulu Ruan v. United States (06/27/2022), U.S. v. George Naum,

Recent honors and awards include 2020 and 2021 Top Ten Family Law Attorneys in WV, 2022 and 2023 Highest rating by Martindale Hubbell in Ethics and Legal Ability as well as 2020 Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers Association.